Holistic Beauty Therapy
Holistic Beauty Therapy

Price List



Aromatherapy Full Body                                                           £30

Aromatherapy Back                                                                   £20     


Hot Stone Massage                                                                      £45     

Hot Stone Back Massage                                                           £25

Shoulder and Neck Massage                                                     £17

Colon/abdomen Massage                                                          £15


Platinum Detox with Foot & Leg Massage                             £25



Arms and Legs Massage                                                              £20

Legs Massage                                                                                   £18

Reflexology                                                                                     £30




Hopi Wax Candle Treatment with Face & Scalp Massage  £25


Indian Head Massage                                                                   £25

Facial Massage                                                                               £15

Indian Facial Massage with Facial Reflexology                     £25




Deep Body Tissue Massage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage                                                     £47

Arms and Legs Lymphatic Massage                                         £27

No Hands Massage Full Body                                                    £30

No Hands Back Massage                                                            £20


Antenatal & Baby Massage

Contact me for more information!






Express Facial                                                                                   £20

Prescription Facial                                                                          £35

Herbal Detox Facial                                                                        £45


Cellulite-busting Body Wraps                                           from £30


Hand Paraffin Wax Skin Softening Treatment & Massage   £12


Feet Paraffin Wax Skin Softening Treatment & Massage     £12


Knees Paraffin Wax Skin Softening Treatment & Massage   £8


Elbows Paraffin Wax Skin Softening Treatment & Massage  £8


Complementary Therapies


Reiki                                                                                             £15 per half hour

Crystal Chakra Balancing                                                         £25



(All prices starting from)


Manicure with Mask & Enamel                                                 £25

French Manicure                                                                          £14

Exfoliating Manicure with Mask & Paraffin Wax                 £32

Mini Manicure                                                                               £8

Pedicure with Mask & Enamel                                                  £25

Mini Pedicure                                                                                £8

Exfoliating Pedicure with Mask & Paraffin Wax                  £32

Manicure & Pedicure                                                                   £45

Pedicure with Reflexology                                                         £52

Callus Peel Treatment                                                                £25


Brows & Lashes

(All prices starting from)


Eyebrow Shaping                                                                        £7

Eyelash Tinting                                                                           £9

Eyebrow Tinting                                                                         £6



(All prices starting from)


Full Leg                                                                                        £20

Half Leg                                                                                       £12

Full Leg and Bikini Line                                                           £25

Bikini Line                                                                                   £8

Half Leg and Bikini Line                                                          £20

Underarms                                                                                  £8

Underarms and Bikini Line                                                     £15

Arms                                                                                             £14

Stomach/Abdomen                                                                  £7

Upper Lip                                                                                     £6

Chin                                                                                              £6

Upper Lip and Chin                                                                   £10.50

Eyebrows                                                                                     £7

Back                                                                                             £12





(All prices starting from)



Eyebrow touch up/tidy                                                               £7

Upper Lip                                                                                        £6

Chin                                                                                                 £6

Cheeks                                                                                            £8

Upper Lip & Chin                                                                          £11

Forehead                                                                                        £7

Mini Facial (soothes the skin after threading/waxing)      £10


Blissful Beauty Packages

Have a morning or afternoon dedicated to you with a tailored beauty experience. Food and drinks included 


Back Therapy Treatment                                                           £37                 

Beach Babe (4 hours)                                                                 £70

Bride to Be ( 4 Hours)                                                                £90

Me-Time ( Full morning or afternoon of relaxation)         £65

Mum To Be ( 4 Hours)                                                                £75


Hen Party? Prom? Bridesmaids?

Why not book a group pamper session for you and the girls? Either come on down or I’ll come to you! Contact me to get a quote.

If you would like and appointment outside of the normal working hours feel free to contact me to arrange a time to suit you.

Home visits are available at extra cost, phone or email for more info.

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